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Deploying MPLS based IP VPNs

This session describes the implementation of IP Virtual Private Networks (IP VPNs) using MPLS. It is the most common Layer 3 VPN technology, as standardized by IETF RFC2547/4364, realizing IP connectivity between VPN site and MPLS network. Service Providers have been using IP VPN to provide scalable site-to-site/WAN connectivity to Enterprises/SMBs for more than a decade. Enterprises have been using it to address network segmentation (virtualization and traffic separation) inside the site e.g. Campus, Data Center. This technology realizes IP connectivity between VPN site and MPLS network. The session will cover: (1) IP VPN Technology Overview (RFC2547/RFC4364) (2) IP VPN Configuration Overview (3) IP VPN Use-Cases (4) Best Practices The session is at the intermediate level and requires one to have understanding of routing protocols (especially BGP) and MPLS. Newcomers are expected to have attended  ';Introduction to MPLS,'; prior to attending this session.