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Deploying MPLS-based Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks

This breakout session covers the fundamental and advanced topics associated with the deployment of Layer 2 VPNs over an MPLS network. The material presents a technology overview with an emphasis on ethernet-based point-to-point and multipoint VPNs. Session content then focuses on deployment considerations including: Signaling/Auto-discovery, QoS, OAM, Resiliency and Inter-AS. The attendee can expect to see sample configurations (IOS, IOS-XR and NX-OS) associated with the provisioning of L2VPNs. Finally, session introduces next-generation solutions such as Ethernet VPN (EVPN) and PBB-EVPN. This is an intermediate-level course that requires familiarity with MPLS. Previous attendance of session ';Introduction to MPLS'; is highly recommended. This session is intended for service providers and enterprise customers deploying L2VPNs over their MPLS network.