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Advanced Enterprise Campus Design Virtual Switching System (VSS)

Cisco Catalyst Virtual Switching System (VSS) combined with Instant Access (IA) solution brings operational simplicity and high availability to the Campus Catalyst Ethernet switching network. It creates a single Virtual Switch across the distribution and access layers enabling a single network touch point; ultimately driving simplified operations, distribution layer (Catalyst 6500/6800) features at the access layer, consistent CLI and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). · The lab is designed to give the attendees hands-on experience to do the following: · Convert two standalone switches into a Virtual Switching System (VSS) · Configure Multi-chassis Etherchannel and observe traffic behavior under different failure scenarios · Observe VSS High Availability with Non-Stop Forwarding and Stateful Switchover (NSF/SSO) · Instant Access (IA) Provisioning · IA Host port configuration directly from the distribution layer and provisioning L2, L3 and MPLS at the access · Pushing traffic on the IA Client host ports and observing traffic counters at the Catalyst 6500/6800 for those IA Client host ports · Observe the simplicity of IA plug-n-play stacking · Experience simplicity of provisioning when adding fabric links between distribution and access · High Availability failover scenarios: supervisor and fabric link failure and recovery · Perform an Enhanced Fast Software Upgrade (EFSU) across the distribution and access layer seamlessly in an HA environment and observe the effects on traffic passing through the VSS during the upgrade Basic understanding of Cisco IOS, Routing and Switching technologies and Instant Access fundamentals is recommended. Basic understanding and hands-on experience with Cisco IOS in routing and switching is recommended.