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Smart Operations - Power Tools for Network Operations

Network administrators spend too much time engaged in mundane and repetitive network life-cycle activities. This session will demonstrate how to dramatically cut the time you spend deploying, and troubleshooting your network - using tools you already have. Smart Operations is a collection of power tools and best practices for Cisco network operations. Smart Operations power tools are features built into IOS on the Catalyst 2K, 3K, 4K, 6K switching platforms as well as the ISR Routing products. This session focuses on three most popular Smart Operations power tools which are Smart Install, Auto Smartports, and Embedded Event Manager. The sessions dives into these 3 tools. Shows how to configure them, defines best practices for using them, and uses real world examples in how they have solved customer problems. Smart Install and Auto Smart Ports are simple to understand and deploy. When used properly, they can be real time savers for the repetitive and mundane day to day tasks. Embedded Event Manager is the most dynamic and powerful of the three tools. EEM is so powerful it can be used to work around SW"defects" in your Cisco Network. The audience is expected to have a basic knowledge of Cisco Networking. The content will be detailed enough to allow the audience members to implement the features after leaving, but not so technical that a novice network administrator won't understand.