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Cisco Catalyst 4500E Switch Architecture

There is a lot of action in the Access layer these days - with voice, video and cloud with BYOD proliferation in the network. How does one power up the devices of today and tomorrow using the network, scale the speeds and feeds of the Campus Access, improve resiliency of the network, leverage application visibility of the network, troubleshoot applications in a focused manner, secure the network resources - All at the same time. Of course, with the Catalyst 4500E - the leading platform for Cisco's Campus Access and the latest Supervisor 7-E and its lighter cousin, the 7L-E. Take a close look at the ASIC and System Architecture, walk with the Unicast and Multicast packets as they traverse the system. Learn about Cisco UPOE technology and the eco-system that gets powered by it. Know more about Cisco Flexible NetFlow and Wireshark on IOS XE that enable application visibility from the access layer and help in capturing and viewing application packets on the switch itself. Pick up on how the 4500E hardware encrypts the traffic using Cisco Macsec. Gain insight into how Cisco Easy Virtual Network (EVN) on the 4500E helps you with Network Virtualization. Hear how the QoS capabilities on the 7-E and 7L-E help you prioritize and deliver voice, video and other critical traffic with minimum jitter and latency. Understand the High Availability features (SSO/NSF and ISSU) and other Hardware Redundancy components in the 4500E that help make the Access layer resilient than ever and lets you upgrade software with minimum downtime to traffic. This session will cover the latest Supervisor 7-E and its lighter cousin, the 7L-E. The 6-E and 6L-E share a similar architecture like the 7-E minus the NetFlow ASIC. The session is for network designers and senior network operation engineers who have or are considering deploying Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches in enterprise networks. At least a basic knowledge of routing protocols as well as traditional campus design is recommended.