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Wired LAN Deployment Using the Cisco Validated Design for Campus

This session discusses LAN design and deployment best practices covered in the Campus Wired LAN Technology Design Guide - a Cisco Validated Design (CVD). LAN deployments from single switch remote sites to large multi-building campuses are detailed. Cisco Validated Design offers a framework for design guidance based on common use cases, along with technology design guides focusing on deployment details, including products and best practices, accelerating the adoption of technology. This session is an introduction to using the CVD to deploy LANs with consistent enablement of capabilities such as high availability, quality of service, multicast, and security across a range of Cisco LAN platforms. Also included are the decision criteria that can help an organization choose between platforms. The cornerstones of the approach and techniques discussed in this session are real-world use cases, prescriptive design guidance, and modular architectural components. Although most topics covered are at an introductory level, attendees for this session will benefit from an understanding of LAN switching and routing fundamentals equivalent to a CCNA level during some discussions of topics at an intermediate level.