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Multi-UCS Management with UCS Central

UCS delivers a rich set of capabilities by allowing an administrator to programmatically use and apply pre-defined policies and resource pools across a UCS system. Customers with multiple or geographically disbursed implementations of UCS are challenged with consistently using, defining, and enforcing these policies in a consistent and effective fashion across the UCS systems. UCS Central provides a facility for centrally managing these policies and resource pools across many UCS systems. In addition, UCS Central can be leveraged to view a global implementation of UCS and display a fault summary of all UCS components. This session will show how to best leverage UCS Central for: * Consistently defining UCS policies, including administrative, operational, and firmware policies *Enforcing UCS policies across multiple UCS systems * Defining UCS resource pools for use across multiple UCS systems * Preparing a UCS environment for Service Profile mobility across UCS system boundaries. UCS Central best practice and troubleshooting techniques will also be reviewed and demonstrated.