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C-Series Deployment Options, Best Practice & UCSM Integration

The purpose of this session is to describe the integration of C-Series rack mount servers into UCSM.  It will help customers understand the need and use for adding rack-mount servers to a UCSM managed environment and best practices on the management of these servers.  It will focus on supported topologies including Dual Wire and Single Connect using both the FEX technology for scalability as well as support for direct connect to the Fabric Interconnect which was added in the 2.3 release of UCSM.  The session will also cover requirements and best practices for connecting the C-Series UCS servers to network and storage topologies connected outside of UCSM.  This session takes a look at applications and solutions where UCSM management is beneficial and explains the best practices for hardware/firmware requirements, server discovery, firmware management, configuration of local drives,  automatic service policy association, and server management and monitoring through UCSM.  This session is designed around a case study of two of our largest UCSM C-Series production deployments where customers are using UCSM with 700-1000 UCS C-Series servers.