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Getting the most out of your BYOD Investment - A Deep Dive of ISE BYOD Policy

Cisco's BYOD solution is a comprehensive networking architecture that extends the security perimeter to the end user's personal device making the Network the Enforcement Point. Using existing authentication approaches, it is quite easy to determine whether a user should be authorized to access the network. Via BYOD on-boarding, we can further determine whether the device itself should be allowed access to the network. How can ISE and the Network provide highly customized access to each BYOD endpoint? During this session, I will discuss in detail Cisco's Identity Services Engine's (ISE) use of RADIUS - both as a mechanism to determine the method of access by an endpoint as well as the manner by which ISE enforces policy upon the endpoint. The knowledge learned from this class will assist the attendee in getting the most out of their BYOD deployment by accentuating the various authorization techniques and parameters that are available with Cisco's BYOD solution.