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Designing ISE for Scale & High Availability

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) delivers context-based access control for every endpoint that connects to your network. This session will show you how to design ISE to deliver scalable and highly available access control services for wired, wireless, and VPN from a single campus to a global deployment. Focus is on design guidance for distributed ISE architectures including high availability for all ISE nodes and their services as well as strategies for survivability and fallback during service outages. Methodologies for increasing scalability and redundancy will be covered such as load distribution with and without load balancers, optimal profiling design, and the use of Anycast. Attendees of this session will gain knowledge on how to best deploy ISE to ensure peak operational performance, stability, and to support large volumes of authentication activity. Various deployment architectures will be discussed including ISE platform selection, sizing, and network placement.