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WAN Architectures and Design Principles

The WAN Architectures and Design Principles session offers an end-to-end design approach featuring the Smart Business Architecture with key areas of focus including resilient IP forwarding, QoS, application optimisation, and data privacy and security. The cornerstones of the session are real-world use cases and WAN design best practices. The WAN Architectures and Design Principles session includes a detailed discussion of the head-end WAN aggregation and remote site design options for branch locations. These options include the use of layer 2 and layer 3 WAN transport models, usage of single and dual WAN links, as well as single/dual router edge topologies. Additionally, Internet VPN as both a backup and primary transport option is discussed. Design guidance will include routing protocol best practices, QoS for the WAN edge, IP multicast enablement, and interconnection with other network modules as well as access to the Data Centre. Other key WAN technologies which are integral to the design are DMVPN and GETVPN for data privacy as well as Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) and WCCP for bandwidth optimisation.