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E-VPN & PBB-EVPN: the Next Generation of MPLS-based L2VPN

This session presents a technical deep dive of Ethernet VPN (E-VPN) and Provider Backbone Bridging E-VPN (PBB-EVPN). These emerging solutions address the requirements of Carrier Ethernet and Data Center Interconnect market segments. Currently under standardization in the IETF, these technologies introduce advanced multi-homing options, support for multi-pathing and user-defined BGP policy capabilities to Ethernet L2VPNs. They also provide enhanced auto-discovery capabilities with low-touch provisioning and support for optimal unicast and multicast delivery. This session will cover the detailed operation of E-VPN / PBB-EVPN including forwarding, multi-homing, aliasing, multicast and fast convergence. The session is intended for service providers or enterprises looking to deploy next generation L2VPN solutions for Carrier Ethernet or Data Center Interconnect services. This is a session that assumes familiarity with MPLS-based L2VPNs and BGP.