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EIGRP Deployment in Modern Networks

EIGRP is widely used in very large scale enterprise networks. What are the methods network designers use to deploy EIGRP in these environments to produce a stable, elegant network design? This session covers various topics that help network engineers build flexible, robust fast converging networks using EIGRP, including load sharing, hierarchy, and aggregation. We will review routing design considerations for campus, data center, and WAN solutions. What techniques, or best practices, should you use when dealing with high speed links (*Wide Metrics), hub and spoke (DMVPN) networks, or MPLS PE/CE solutions (PE/CE, OTP) What resiliency and fast convergence techniques are available and how and when to use those techniques. We will also look at how to leverage your IPv4 design knowledge for IPv6, and the the unique deployments consideration. A solid understanding of routing, and a basic understanding of EIGRP is a pre-requisite for this session.