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Security Subscriptions & Endpoint Protection

Palo Alto Networks Security Subscriptions & Endpoint Protection Videos



Security subscriptions allow you to safely enable applications, users and content by selectively adding fully integrated protection from both known and unknown threats, classification and filtering of URLs, and the ability to build logical policies based on the specific security posture of a user's device. Most importantly, these subscriptions are seamlessly integrated, sharing the context generated by App-ID™ and allowing you to generate policies that protect your network while also enabling your business.

Threat Prevention



The Threat Prevention subscription adds integrated protection from a variety of network-borne threats, including exploits, malware, dangerous files, and content. This powerful subscription includes IPS functionality, stream-based blocking of millions of known malware samples, protection from spyware, command and control traffic, and a variety of hacking tools.

The Threat Prevention subscription is fed by WildFire, which means that your malware protections are always up-to-date and able to prevent the most recent attacks. It even goes beyond simply blocking malicious content to include controlling specific file types by policy, as well as inspecting traffic for specific content to prevent data loss. As a result, this subscription not only provides you with critical protection from threats, but also gives you important additional policy controls that keep your network secure.

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URL Filtering



URL Filtering is enabled through an annual subscription that provides you with a URL filtering database, PAN-DB, which controls Web activity based on users through URL category-level controls or customizable white- and black-lists. The URL Filtering subscription is not bound by any user limitations, so it provides you with greater flexibility in terms of growth and more predictable operational expenses. PAN-DB is fed by WildFire, providing you with updated groupings within each category, based on current Web page content, which means you’re always protected against malicious and unwanted websites.

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GlobalProtect™ delivers consistent security to users in all locations. It may be deployed in many different scenarios for extending the protection of your next-generation firewall to endpoints both within and outside of the organization. With a GlobalProtect Gateway subscription, you can apply the state of the endpoint device as part of the context for security policy using the Host Information Profile (HIP). In addition, users with mobile devices can use GlobalProtect apps for iOS and Android to connect to the next-generation firewall.

The GlobalProtect Portal license extends the range of coverage by enabling you to deploy GlobalProtect gateways in a greater number of configurations. For example, with a Portal license, you can deploy multiple external gateways in order to support users in different geographies. In addition, with the Portal license, gateways can be deployed internally to protect local and wireless networks.

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The WildFire™ subscription actively detects unknown threats, including malware, websites, and command and control traffic, and feeds automatically created signatures and intelligence back to threat profiles on the platform. WildFire adds the increasingly important ability to proactively identify and block unknown threats, such as custom or polymorphic malware, which are commonly used in advanced cyberattacks.

The subscription provides you with the following advanced capabilities:

  • WildFire signature feed – Receive new malware and DNS protections every 15 minutes, covering newly discovered malware and domains used for command and control identified by WildFire from feeds around the globe.
  • Integrated WildFire logs – Logs from submitted files are automatically delivered to the firewall, including behavioral analysis and verdicts.
  • WildFire API – Enables you to programmatically submit files to WildFire, as well as take advantage of WildFire integration with TrapsTM Advanced Endpoint Protection.

Traps, Advanced Endpoint Protection.

Compromise isn’t inevitable, or at least it shouldn’t be. Traditional endpoint protection simply cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, leaving organizations vulnerable to advanced attacks.

A new approach was needed, one that could rebuild confidence in endpoint security and prevent advanced attacks originating from executables, data files or network-based exploits, known and unknown, before any malicious activity could successfully run. We call this Advanced Endpoint Protection. By focusing our solution on the attacker’s core techniques and building traps to mitigate them, the attacker’s path for exploitation becomes known, even when the attack isn’t.



Adversaries are becoming more advanced, carrying out high profile attacks against enterprises, government, the defense industrial base, and other key industries. The advanced threat problem can no longer be solved simply by putting IPS behind a legacy stateful firewall. This white-board session walks through the various steps that attackers take to infiltrate the network, establish command and control, and ultimately exfiltrate data.


To effectively protect against advanced threats, you need to think beyond detection, to an approach that focuses on attack surface reduction and prevention. Follow this whiteboard session through the three steps of the Palo Alto Networks multi-layered advanced threat approach – first to reduce the attack surface, next to leverage the sandbox and advanced malware detection techniques, and finally doing static and dynamic analysis of a file to generate protections.


This whiteboard session takes a look at the Palo Alto Networks platform approach to unknown and APT detection and prevention with WildFire, versus a standalone dedicated sandboxing deployment approach.


This is video on Introducing Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection from PAN


GlobalProtect provides a comprehensive security solution for mobile devices built upon the technologies of the Palo Alto Networks enterprise security platform and tailored to address mobile requirements. It delivers unprecedented levels of integration to deliver a unique solution that combines technology, global intelligence and policy enforcement over mobile apps and threats. These principles allow businesses to provide a safe environment for applications and data while still permitting users to enjoy the native user experience of their preferred device.