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Secure DNS


It’s critical that the technology you deploy for network control provides maximum protection and offers minimum attack surface. Infoblox clearly differentiates from other vendors from a security perspective.

From our highly secure hardware form factor, to our hardened OS, to the variety of security features in our applications—no other network control vendor focuses more on security than Infoblox.

The Infoblox Secure DNS Family of Products:

Internal DNS Security
Protection from targeted attacks for data and critical network infrastructure
External DNS Security
Defense against volumetric attacks, exploits, DNS hijacking and more
DNS Firewall
Protection from APTs and malware communicating with C&Cs and botnets
DNS Firewall - FireEye Adapter
Proactive APT malware protection via early detection and rapid remediation



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DNS is critical network infrastructure for every business. Unfortunately, it is also an easy target for attacks like amplification, reflection, and exploits. Watch this webinar to hear examples of real attacks as we explain how they work. We'll also share insights on how to defend against these threats.


Hackers use Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that exploit DNS to steal sensitive company data. Stories about commercial enterprises being hit by Malware and data theft are plaguing the news every week. Watch this webinar to learn the requirements needed to secure your DNS platform as well as detect and disrupt Malware/APTs.


Attacks against DNS infrastructure can have disastrous results. Businesses have incurred losses in revenue, customer satisfaction, productivity, and sensitive data because of them. And DNS attacks have risen by 216% over the last year alone. Listen to Cricket Liu, author of DNS and BIND, discuss the latest on threats to your DNS infrastructure and the solutions available to combat them. He'll share insights on different types of attack vectors such as DDoS, cache poisoning, amplification, etc.; and on how your name servers can disrupt communication between malware and command-and-control servers. Watch this webinar now.