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DNS Centric Solutions for Microsoft DNS

Request a free beta release!

As of today, we are still working on the beta release of the “DNS Centric for Microsoft”, yet you can now request a free trial version (beta release) for 45 days.

The trial beta release is licensed based on your Organization name, which you need to provide in order to have the temporary beta license. 

To request for the free trial version (beta release), you need to:

1-     Have a Networkstr Account or Register here

2-     Send us an email to providing your “Organization” name, with an email subject “DNS Centric – Free Beta release request”

Our team will get back to you accordingly with the free license key and a link to download the “DNS Centric for Microsoft” bundle.  

Note: You will need to install the DNS Centric on the Microsoft DNS Server.

The “DNS Centric for Microsoft”, developed by, contains the following tools:

A-    Auto Archive DNS Log Files

B-    MS DNS Log to CSV

C-    CSV Match & Merge of DNS Domains


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Target Audience

1- Microsoft DNS Admins

2- Security Team

3- Systems Team 



1- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and above. 

2- .NET Framwork 4.0

3- Powershell enabled (if needed)