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Servers - Unified Computing System (UCS)

Cisco's approach to the Data Center with the Unified Computing System can be challenging to grasp and appreciate at first. NetworkSTR sorts and filters the free videos available on public sites, in order to offer it's members with the best free public training.


This session provides an introduction to UCS Fabric and Networking components.


This session will offer an Overview of the UCS System Architecture, including all of the technical innovations that serve as the foundation.


This technical Deep Dive and Live Demo session will explore multiple facets of the UCS Manager from multiple vantage points, exposing the model-driven management system that defines the UCS Manager.


This session provides a deep dive into UCS networking components, including 6200 series Fabric Interconnects, 2200 series Fabric Extenders and Mezzanine cards.


The purpose of this session is to describe the integration of C-Series rack mount servers into UCSM.  This session is designed around a case study of two of our largest UCSM C-Series production deployments where customers are using UCSM with 700-1000 UCS C-Series servers.


This will cove Cisco's UCS SAN Deployment Models & Best Practices


 This session will show how to best leverage UCS Central for: * Consistently defining UCS policies, including administrative, operational, and firmware policies *Enforcing UCS policies across multiple UCS systems * Defining UCS resource pools for use across multiple UCS systems * Preparing a UCS environment for Service Profile mobility across UCS system boundaries. UCS Central best practice and troubleshooting techniques will also be reviewed and demonstrated.


This session will teach you the best methods to help identify, and correct performance related issues within your UCS deployment.


This session will provide an overview and live demonstration of Cisco UCS Director. This session will cover how Cisco UCS Director reduces the complexity and cost of delivering both physical and virtual infrastructure from a single pane of glass.


The goal of the session is to demystify big data and associated technologies and to provide practical advice to help customers transition them from the realm of science project to mainstream data centre operations.